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Step 4 - Water - Five Steps for Designing a Sustainable Luxury Bathroom!

We all know that water is a precious resource but as population growth continues unabated, so too does our demand for water. Couple this with climate change and our water supply is becoming more unpredictable than ever.

Does this mean that those who can afford a large and luxurious home need not bother with trying to be conscious consumers and care about this issue? No, I think it makes it more important to set standards and lead the way when creating responsible and healthy interior designed interiors..

Part 4 of a series of 5 bite-sized articles on how to create a sustainable

interior designed bathroom.

Here at SVM Interiors, we are creating homes with an emphasis on the health and wellness of families, individuals, and our planet, by using design principles, products, and materials that help reduce the use of chemicals, pollution, waste, and energy consumption.

Roca modern bathroom product.
modern interior designed bathroom by SVM Interiors, no bath, but a large shower.


According to the Energy Saving Trust, water used in the home now accounts for over half of all public water supply use. The average home uses 350 litres of water nearly every day and a large proportion of that is used in the bathroom. Showers, lavatories, baths and bathroom sinks consume more than two-thirds (68%) of household water. For larger fully occupied properties, this calculation will be much higher.

"Unsurprisingly, a large majority of people cannot accurately gauge their own water usage. A 2016 report by Waterwise, an independent, not-for-profit UK NGO focused on reducing water consumption in the UK, states that 85% of people don’t know how much water they use per day on average. Most people estimate between 50 and 100 litres per day when in reality, the figure is closer to an average of 142 litres a day"

So, what can we do to reduce the amount of precious water we use in our bathrooms?


✅ Install a dual flush toilet as the valve allows you to choose whether to use a full flush or a half flush, usually of 6 litres and 3 litres respectively. (Note: I read a report about valves failing and wasting more water, so it's important to buy well)

✅ The obvious way to reduce water consumption when it comes to taps is to be more aware. When you turn the taps on, don’t turn them on full blast—up to 90 percent of the water may be wasted. Get into the habit of releasing just as much as you need. Leaving a tap running while brushing your teeth or shaving wastes six litres of water a minute. A dripping tap will waste well over 5,000 litres a year. Shocking!

✅ Some people love having a bath, it's a good way to unwind and take time out for yourself. However, if you do take a bath and are looking to purchase one, be mindful of the size of the bathtub and how much water goes into it. A standard bathtub has a capacity of about 80 litres, so even if you don’t fill it up, that’s still a lot of water. If you’re replacing a bath, try to source one with a lower capacity.

✅ Purchase no-touch or sensor basin taps, you might have seen these in restaurants or other commercial buildings where they have been popular for several years. This cuts down on unnecessary water flow from taps, I think we all might be guilty of that. However, the design style is limited and would not allow for enough design flexibility for use other than simple modern or commercial interior designed environments.

✅ If not, consider a single-lever mixing tap: it will help you obtain the right water temperature more quickly.

✅ Take shorter showers. Every minute less can save as much as 23 litres of water.

✅ Fit an AAA-rated shower head. This can reduce water output by at least 9 litres a minute. Alternatively, have a plumber install a flow restrictor to reduce the amount of water your shower emits. An older shower-type showerhead can use up to 10 litres more per minute!

HansGrohe is a supplier an interior designer might specify, they have a range of water-saving showers systems whereby you can choose the settings to either AirPower or Ecosmart functions. In their own words...

"All-in-one shower units give you the freedom to choose different options, and they’re all easy to use even when you’re under the flowing water. Unlike other showers, our intuitive Select button allows you to conveniently click to the type of spray you want. With our AirPower and EcoSmart technologies, you can enjoy indulgent showers without worrying about the environment or your wallet, as they use water more efficiently, saving water and keeping costs down. And cleaning your shower is a breeze thanks to QuickClean allowing you to simply wipe away limescale from the silicon nozzles. Whatever type of shower you’re looking for, you can choose from our wide range of features to discover the shower system perfectly tailored to you".

I cannot find any other companies that offer this type of technology for new interior bathroom fittings, they may be out there and I just don't know about them yet...

HansGrohe Raindance 300 select shower head and rail for bathrooms
HansGrohe Raindance 300 select shower head and rail

Hansgrohe mixers and taps which are fitted with EcoSmart technology, require up to 60% less water than conventional interior bathroom products – without any loss of comfort. This means you can reduce your water and energy costs and conserve valuable resources.

HansGrohe EcoSmart tap for bathrooms.
HansGrohe Metropol EcoSmart tap, saves water and money. A nice design and range of finishes, this is brushed brass.

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