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Great British Bathrooms - stylish and sustainable!

We are designing a new home for a client and have started with the bathroom. The client wants to use as many eco-friendly or sustainable products as possible; they want it to look good too. A lot of people assume that sustainable products cannot be luxurious or stylish for the home, this is not so. I know that sustainability can be beautiful, luxurious, great quality, and kind to the planet. It's not easy to find sanitaryware that meets all of the criteria for this.

After much research, I came across Kanth, a British design, engineering and manufacturing company of gorgeous showers and taps and I'm pretty excited about them. Let me tell you more.

“Being a sustainable company is not just about how long the product lasts, but the impact it has on the planet.” Karl Kanth.

The photo below is of one of their ranges with a square design profile.

Shower heads and taps using a square profile and sustainable product.

The managing director and innovator of product for the company is Karl Kanth. With a background in the property and bathroom sector through working with his father, he developed a desire to create and deliver a British product and business that fulfilled his beliefs about quality, value, and innovation. Karl was also very aware of the disposable culture that had developed around products and materials used in the interior design industry and wanted to do something about it. He, therefore, created a product and a company deeply rooted in a sustainable ethos.

"Our design and manufacturing of sustainable products start right at the very beginning – from the raw materials we carefully source, all the way through the products’ entire life cycles. Not only do we design exceptional products which can be easily maintained and refurbished rather than simply thrown away, we also consider every potential impact of our business operations on the environment – something which plays an integral role in every decision we make.

Ultimately, our products must deliver outstanding quality each and every time, without costing the earth.

We’re committed to ensuring that the raw materials and packaging we use are recyclable. All our swarf and scrap material waste is re-used to produce fresh materials, with every element of our packaging (from the box itself through to the packing tape) all 100% recyclable. We source external components where possible from suppliers within the UK or Europe and only ever from respected suppliers whose components meet our exacting standards."

As an interior designer who also has a passion for good design, quality products, sustainability and wants to offer exceptional value to her clients, it is very exciting to find a company that shares the same values as I do! And all I can say is - well-done guys!

If anyone is interested, as sadly, I am, here's a photo of the beautiful solid brass shower valve, offered with a 25-year guarantee.

Solid brass shower valves, with a 25 years guarantee. Beautifully engineered.

Kanth have recently introduced more metal finishes to the range, from chrome and brass through to copper.

On trend brass, copper and chrome finishes

This is a success story worth celebrating and looking in to. If you'd like more information, click on this link: Kanth

Or, contact one of the SVM team here.

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