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Construction Package.

Step 7 - The works involved.

A construction package includes technical drawings, scope of works and specification of products. After the design and products have been agreed with the client, a construction package is then put together and sent out to nominated contractors to obtain a price that meets your budget. This is also known as a Tender package. A scope of works is the document or set of instructions for your builder or contractors so they know what they are being asked to do. If you are working with an architect, they will most probably provide their own documents along with any interior design details from the designer.

The scope of works can include detailed specifications of what type of materials to use, paint types, how to maintain the job site during the build, disposal of building materials, and job completion.

A copy of one page of a preliminary and very simple scope. They can be far more detailed than this, but a contractor will be able to put together a provisional cost (PC Sum) if not all of the details have been agreed, and get a good idea of the works you are looking at doing.

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