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Interior Design Fees


As a design practise we keep our pricing as simple and transparent as possible, we charge a set rate for full service design and let you know what you will receive for this amount. Some designers choose not to do it this way.

Historically, there have been many ways an interior designer approaches their fees. Some do not charge fees at all but prefer to mark up product.

Some charge a design fee and then refund that cost back to a client if they procure through the designer.

Charges for interior design fees can be agreed upon through the individual designers and can vary greatly.

For product procurement, we offer our clients trade pricing but then charge a set % on product to cover our time for collating, chasing, and organising, including liability for anything that might go wrong with a delivery or product. Again, it's transparent and our clients know the true value of what it is they are buying.


  1. A set fee for a single room design then multiplied by room.

  2. No fee but a charge for design work which is then credited back to you if you procure product with them. No discount on product.

  3. Design fee plus a discount on product.

  4. A % of the overall budget for the project.

  5. An hourly rate, mainly used for smaller projects.

  6. If the designer is also project managing then a % of the overall project value will be charged. Anywhere from 10-15%, in some cases more. If there are any variations to the project, then an hourly rate charge is normally applied, at a rate in agreement with the client.

Hope this helps you understand what to expect from our industry. I would love to hear from you with any questions you might have, just click here.

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