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Project Management

Step 9 - Getting it done!

Having a professional to 'police' the work is very important to monitor and ensure the work being carried out by the builder is of an acceptable standard and the project remains on target for it's agreed completion date. Any variations to the original contract will need to be documented and all parties made aware.

Your may want your designer to manage the work for you. It's a tough and stressful job especially if things don't go to plan. If the designer is managing the works for you, they will most probably charge an agreed fee for this task which is normally a % on the overall project value. If you have commissioned the involvement of an architect, they might project manage for you, however, they normally charge an hourly rate, if so, the fee from your designer might be less costly.

Your project manager will be the Principle Designer and responsible for admin and all communications between contractors and sub-contractors and the client, (as mentioned in our 'contracts' blog, Step 3 in the design process) You should receive weekly written updates outlining progress and any variations to the contract.

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