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5 Interior Design Tips For Spring


That spring feeling, I love it. It’s a fusion of our craving for change and a reflection of nature itself. As flowers blossom and come to life again, we want to as well.

With each sunny day here in London, I sneak in a walk through Greenwich park every chance I get. I have already been so inspired by what has slowly started to blossom.

There’s a natural desire to bring some of that colour, life, and vitality to our interiors.

We all know how much the look, feel, and atmosphere of our spaces can impact our mood.

A refresh of our home environments can inspire a shift in our outlook; getting us motivated and inspired. Revitalizing us for the warmer months ahead.

Preparing your home for spring isn't about going out and buying all new furniture and decor. Making some of these simple changes to your spaces can revitalize your home without spending next to anything.


People in many places around the world don't experience a seasonal shift between winter and summer. This doesn't stop them from channelling the spirit of spring. Spring can simply be a state of mind when it gets down to it. We can evoke it in many different ways.

Our first step to preparing your home for spring is shifting your perspective. Here in London, we've luckily had a couple of sunny stretches so far but quickly reverted to grey and overcast. However, as soon as I start opening windows, letting the fresh air in, it welcomes renewed energy into my home. No matter the weather.

That state of mind is one of renewal, revitalization, and tranquillity.

It's about channelling the feeling and energy of spring.

So, once we've gotten beyond the weather outside and we're feeling inspired - What simple changes we can make to our interior to take it to keep that renewed energy flowing?


Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese traditional practice that claims that a life force exists in all things. Feng Shui practices harness those energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Looking to these practices to welcome a revived energy into our homes for spring just makes sense!


The first, and arguably the most important, step to refreshing your home is getting rid of items that no longer work for you and your space. Clutter is like a backed-up pipe in the energy flow of your home. Objects or items are considered clutter if they get in the way, don’t have a use or place, or distract you from what's important. You don't want to spend time and energy juggling your things.

Start with one room at a time, take each object and ask yourself if it has a place in your life or "sparks joy" - if not, donate or recycle it. This not only declutters your space but frees up space for new opportunities.

Decluttering your space can help declutter your mind!

With what you have left, make sure everything has a home. This helps you keep things organized. Also, don't pressure yourself into doing it all in one go if you're feeling overwhelmed. Doing a little bit each day can help you gradually tackle whatever is at hand.


Next, what about reworking the layout of your furniture and objects? According to Feng Shui, making sure energy flows freely is crucial to a harmonious home.

Take a fresh look at each room - move to different vantage points throughout the space and get creative. It's a trial and error process, see what you like as you go along. You will be able to instinctively feel if the energy of a space is flowing. Make sure there aren't any awkwardly placed pieces of furniture obstructing any pathways. Keep it simple and functional.

Like I said earlier, you don't need to go out and buy a whole new look for each room.

Reimaging your layout will bring a new sense of life to the space without having to

spend any money - it's kind to the planet and your wallet.


The most obvious way to inject some energy into your spaces this spring? Indoor plants can be a simple solution that provides more benefits than you may think. Plus, they are a more permanent solution than freshly cut flowers. The right plants can not only add texture, colour, and intrigue but also elevate one's mood and health!

Bringing the outside in is one of the key principles of Biophilic design - and it's not something I only do for spring, but year-round as a part of my core design ethos. It works to boost occupants' health by increasing their connection to nature. There's no better time to introduce Biophilic Design into your interiors!

Some key Biophilic Design methods you can incorporate into your spaces:

  • Natural and non-toxic materials: Wood, stone, cotton, linen, sisal, etc.

  • Direct Nature: Plants and flowers

  • Indirect Nature: References to nature (such as a foliage printed wallpaper)

  • Natural light & light design: Windows, avoid harsh fluorescent lighting, create ambience

  • Fresh Air: Clean air quality, air purifiers when needed

  • Natural Forms: Organically shaped furniture, objects, and decor

  • Earthy Colour Palettes: Calming & grounding hues for walls, decor, and accessories

For more on Biophilia, the benefits of houseplants, and where to buy them:

✨ Check out our Guide House Plants: Biophilia For Spring


Walls, windows, and lighting - getting this trifecta up to scruff and in sync is a combination sure to transform any space.


Your windows are the lens to the outside world - filtering in natural light. It only makes sense that making sure that the lens is sparkly clean will brighten a room and help bring the outside in.


Another way to achieve a new look without spending too much - is a new colour palette for your walls. A new paint colour will have a dramatic effect on not only the look but the atmosphere of your space. It's more of a commitment, but the most guaranteed path to a brand new look.

What colour to choose?

Pastels are an obvious choice, however, it doesn't have to be a "springy" colour per se. Earth tones aren't particularly bright but work to bring the outside in. Biophilic principles tell us how they can have a calming and revitalizing effect - exactly what we are trying to achieve for our renewed spaces. Earth tones can also be more diverse, working well year-round. Either way - it's all about achieving your new aesthetic for the space, go with whatever your heart desires!

I'm loving aubergines at the moment. Moody, warm and overall yummy!


Lighting is everything. I am a bit of a lighting freak. No matter where I am, I always notice the lighting of a space. If the lighting is too harsh or isn't in harmony with the mood of the occasion, time of day, or feel of the space - I simply can't ignore it.

With that said - the right lighting can cast a space in a brand new glow. It shouldn't be an afterthought. It's one of the most direct ways to create a new atmosphere and look for a room. Lighting can affect our mood - motivating or calming us.

Here are a few lighting design tips:

  • More than one source of lighting to a room: Overhead, accent, floor, sconces, and task lights.

  • Analyze the room: Is there direct sunlight & which direction does it come from? Are there certain tasks you'll need more light for? etc.

  • Light the corners: Dead corners can instantly become an intentional design feature.

  • Don't overdo overhead lighting: Avoid washing out the space.

  • Ambience: Dimmers are a must so you can respond to changes in natural light and adjust for the right mood.


Rearranging your decor and swapping it out for brighter, lighter pieces is another simple way to reimagine your spaces this spring. The smallest changes to your scheme can make a big difference.

By investing in alternate accent pieces like lampshades, hand towels, dishware, blankets and pillows - you can inject fresh colours, textures, and patterns into your schemes. Next, newly curate your bookshelves, tables, and artwork. Play around with things and get creative, you never know what might work.

Another way to make a big difference with a (kind of) small change - is switching out your area rugs. For example, sisal for the spring and summer months can give a more airer feel to a space - while a plush, cosy rug for the autumn and winter months instantly warms the room.

Want some styling inspiration & tips for spring? We've got plenty here!


The perfect finishing touch to creating that renewed spring atmosphere? A fresh scent. These two candle brands are yummy, chic, and kind to the planet.

One of the most stylish sustainable candle brands on the market. Poured into luxury ceramic, they're packaged in plastic-free recyclable material designed by artist Petra Borner. Their wax is a blend of soy, bee and rapeseed which is 100% natural and paraffin-free. And the wicks are made from cotton.

These gorgeous candles are Made in England. Aery are a fragrance brand that combines beautiful sensory experiences with sustainable ingredients. They produce high-quality fragrances in the form of candles, salts and diffusers, that help to elevate human wellbeing and decrease anxiety through the power of aromatherapy. They're vegan, come in fully recyclable packaging, and shipped carbon-neutral - if that's not enough they also plant a tree for each purchase!

Copyright Disclaimer: Photos used here are not mine, all rights are reserved to the copyright owners. Sourced from Instagram & Pinterest.
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