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What's Your Interior Design Style for 2024?

Welcome to 2024. Yes, it’s a new year full of new promises and possibilities. Some of us are thinking about our homes, I know I am. I start looking around and introducing new colours or textures to reflect my mood. You may be on the move or staying put, reflecting on how your home can serve you better.

More space, a better layout, a new kitchen. Our homes seem to be an endless source of discussion. We love them, it's where we spend a great deal of time and energy, so we need them to feel comfortable and to support us. So, what's your interior design Style for 2024?

I'm not going to talk about the latest trends. At SVM, we are not trend-focused but design for our client’s personality needs and desires to create a healthy and unique space for you to live. We work as the tool for your unique expression.

We never dictate, only guide and advise you on space, form, balance, finish, texture and colour and how together, with our knowledge and expertise we will create the overall desired effect. For SVM, it’s about the client first and how to design a scheme to enhance your world.

SVM value the planet and is aware of the harm that products and materials can cause. With our extensive knowledge of the market, we can offer you sustainable options, checking the provenance of any material to achieve a luxurious finish whilst ensuring the best quality and all within budget! 

Our recent project, a five-bedroomed house in Belgravia, is an expression of the homeowner’s personality: full of vibrant colour, mixed patterns and texture. Our initial meeting established their preference for the use of sustainable materials wherever possible. We successfully achieved the desired feel and design to suit the whole family.


One of our current SVM projects is a on-going newly built single-family home. The client dislikes bright colours and patterns, preferring a more subdued feel of muted tones, elegant forms and simplicity. Their collection of artwork will add the colour, texture and vibrancy needed to complete the project. Remember, the items that you love are always part of the design process and need to be included and considered from the very beginning. 

These are just two ends of the design spectrum to offer an example of our design versatility as curators of beautiful luxury homes unique to you!



So, whats your interior design Style for 2024? If you want to create a luxury-designed home, all the elements to achieve this need to be in place from the get-go! Even if you have an architect involved, the use of the interior space is very different from the outer. The two functions have different aspects and are best performed in unison. 

SVM can manage and coordinate the design process, so the project finishes on time on budget and to design specifications. We ‘police’ the project to ensure you receive a beautiful luxury interior unique to you. 

We look forward to working with you on your special project…

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