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The Shoffice: Adding A Room To Your Garden

Do you dream of having some extra space but don't want to go to the hassle of extending?

Would you love to have a dedicated separate space just for you such as a home office, a quiet room for meditation or yoga practice, or somewhere to park the in-laws when they visit?

(and no I don't mean a garden shed!)

If you have a garden then all of this is possible with these very clever pre-fabricated solutions - Berts Boxes.

Bert and May started out as specialists in reclaimed tiles many years ago. They have evolved over the years and are now collaborating with Box 9 Architects to create some really very clever "boxes" that are built for your gardens.

Designed with nature in mind the finishes include reclaimed woods, tiles, and any materials that remind us of our natural surroundings and ideally have a low CO2 footprint offering the latest in eco-friendly design, whilst still providing a stylish, sustainable, and smart addition to your home.

A room built for the garden and home office.
Stylish, Sustainable, Smart

Their core range consists of four module sizes, The Study Box at 9sqm, The Studio Box at 34sqm, The One Bed Box at 43sqm, and The Two Bed Box at 62sqm. These innovative designs have been meticulously planned and are built by expert craftsmen. Delivery is aimed at within 14 weeks from order.

The steps are simple, pick your Box then personalise it with their curated range of finishes and fittings. Each Box is unique due to the ever-changing selection of reclaimed and hand-made materials.

Pricing starts at £27,500.00 for the Studio to over £100,000.00 for the 2-bed version.

If you are interested in expanding your home, creating an extra room for a home office, or creating a granny flat these are perfect solutions.

They remind me of the type of hotel rooms created by the Soho House team at Soho Farmhouse with structures that blend into the landscape.

Self contained fully functioning garden rooms
Interior view of a self contained "box"

Reclaimed materials that blend with nature.
Verandah for evening drinks.

Check out their website for more details on this clever garden room solution. Berts Boxes.


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