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Bridging the Gap: Are you an Overseas Property Owner in London?

London is known for its iconic architecture, vibrant culture, and diverse neighborhoods.

For many property owners based overseas, owning a property in London can be a lucrative investment opportunity. However, managing and maintaining a property from afar can be challenging, especially regarding interior design and refurbishment. In this blog, Susan van Meter explores the benefits of hiring our interior design services to design and manage the refurbishment of your overseas property in London.

These essential services are offered to design and manage your investment property.

Remote Management:

One of the main challenges overseas property owners face in London is managing their properties from a distance. SVM can act as a point of contact on the ground, overseeing the refurbishment process and providing regular updates to the property owner. This ensures the project stays on track and meets the owner's vision and expectations.

Local Expertise:

SVM Interiors is well-versed in the local design trends, suppliers, and regulations. Using our services, overseas property owners can benefit from our knowledge and contacts, ensuring that the refurbishment is done efficiently and meets local standards.

Tailored Design Solutions:

Every property is unique, and the design needs of each property owner vary. SVM works closely with the property owner to understand their preferences, lifestyle, and budget, and create a customized design plan that reflects your individual style and requirements. Whether it's a modern penthouse in Mayfair or a historic townhouse in Kensington, SVM Interiors can transform the property into a stunning and functional space.

Project Management:

Managing a refurbishment project can be time-consuming and stressful, especially for property owners who are based overseas. SVM can take on the role of project manager, coordinating with contractors, suppliers, and other professionals to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. This allows our property owners to have peace of mind knowing that their property is in good hands.


SVM has a wealth of knowledge about sustainable products and design. If this is something close to your heart, SVM can advise and consult on the best practices for your property.

By using our interior design services, SVM can help overseas property owners achieve their design goals, and maximize the potential of their investment. 

If you are an overseas property owner in London looking to refurbish your property, don't hesitate to contact Susan for a complimentary consultation.

Contact Susan at SVM here for your free consultation.

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Susan Van Meter

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