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What's your bathroom vibe: Interior-designed bathroom styles.

What's your bathroom vibe? Susan gives us some tips to get the right vibe and the right look!

How do you want your bathroom to look and feel? Do you want a creative and artistic vibe when you step into your shower or a more classic and neutral feel bathing in your bath? It’s really a matter for each individual but worth taking the time to observe your personality and what makes your heart sing!!

This month Susan compares the pros and cons of both styles and gives you some great tips to get that vibe just right for you!

SVM recently designed some amazing bold bathrooms using patterns and jewel-coloured tiles. Not everyone's cup of tea, is it too bold for resale? Will your buyer feel that vibe too?

Most of our luxury interior design clients prefer a simpler style of bathroom. This doesn't mean that a bolder bathroom is out of the running, at the end of the day the homeowner makes that call; we assist our clients in making the right design choices for them.


A bold bathroom design
Accent waterproof wallpaper.

This bold bathroom is part of a whole home luxury interior project. The bathroom is medium in size yet we still used this incredible bold wallcovering from Wall&Deco Wet System supplied through West One Bathrooms. Yes, it is a waterproof system that can be used inside a shower after following the detailed installation instructions. It certainly makes a bold statement.


Emerald green tiled bathroom
Bold contrasting jewel colours

We created this bold bathroom by using two contrasting colours, as the example here: emerald green tiles with a salmon pink paint colour - Dead Salmon from Farrow & Ball. As a designer, I don’t subscribe to 'the smaller the space, the lighter the colour' theory, bold colours can give a luxurious feel to any bathroom whatever the size.


Luxury bathroom design
Classic Bathroom Design

In this larger classic luxury bathroom, we used a 2.4 m wide shower, along with mosaic clad curved seats either side. This classic style will not date, the colours are muted with different textures which create a neutral but luxurious feel using wood, mosaic, and porcelain marble tile clad walls. The tiles are by Porcelain-Tiles and in my opinion, they have the best selection of large format tiles available with an amazing bespoke cutting service. So, if you’re thinking about resale this may be a choice for you?


Contemporary bathroom interior design
Contemporary and simple bathroom design

This master bathroom was designed a few years ago for one of our clients London pad. A Paddington top floor, Grade II listed building. The client wanted clean and simple lines with soft muted colours. We also wanted to provide a sense of space and light. The mosaic tiles are by Fired Earth. This incorporated colour but just enough to give it personality and an easy resale.


Overall, using bold colours and patterns (maximalist) versus lighter colours and less pattern (minimalist) is down to personal preference. The questions to ask yourself are:

Do I want this bathroom to reflect my personality?

Do I want to sell my home in the next 10 years?

Do I want to rent my home, or will I rent it in the future?

These are just some of the questions we ask at SVM besides creating the perfect bathroom space for you.

If you would like interior design help with your property, contact Susan here:

B.E.S.T : Beauty, Empower, Sustain, Transform


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