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Biophilic City Sophistication.

Can an interior be sophisticated and sustainably luxurious and still have elements of Biophilia within it?

Yes, I believe it can.

Our project, from the latter end of 2019, illustrates this principle perfectly, and in fact, the initial concept for it was a platform covered in plants that the clients lovingly nurtured.

We embarked on the project without the mention of the, now popular, Biophilia buzzword trend that many of us want to include within our homes, the plants were a natural source of inspiration.


Biophilic Interior Design means incorporating nature into our indoor environment. It comes from the word Biophilia – meaning Love of Nature. Biophilic Design focuses on creating a calming space with a visual connection with nature while improving wellbeing, health and productivity. It doesn't just involve the use of plants but also by introducing natural materials such as wood, stone, cotton and linens, it definitely moves away from the use of man-made materials.

The apartment is in a Grade II Listed Building in Paddington, close to Hyde Park, an up and coming area in the West End.

Below, is the entrance lobby to the apartment showing the raised platform with numerous plants.

This client, as so many of my clients do, have a very good eye and sense of style, they wanted to use a wallpaper that magnified the feeling of being in a "jungle". We used Osborne & Little Folium Green wallpaper which is one of my favourites, printed in the UK with water-based paints. A nicely sustainable interior wallpaper. 🌿

A plant inspired entrance lobby to a central london home.
Green, Glam and Sophisticated

Before photo of the entrance lobby now transformed.
Before photo of the lobby. Now transformed.

The ceiling was painted with a Craig and Rose paint 'Angelica 1829' and matched perfectly. The entrance door to the roof terrace was also covered in the same paper with a perimeter wooden trim to create a "hidden" door. This is seen directly under the wooden slatted blinds.

We created contrast and visual break moving from the "jungle" into a serene but bright white space in the hallway creating a link between the entrance and lounge and dining area, by using a Roger Oates stair runner that picked up on the colours of the entrance lobby, and with the installation of a beautiful Versaille style floor which is hand finished in the UK and supplied through Treehouse Flooring.

Sustainable luxury interior with Biophilic elements
From jungle entrance lobby to heavenly hallway.

Before photo of the lobby and arched hallway
Before photo of the lobby and arched hallway

The cupboards, handrail, spindles and newel post are new in a traditional but improved traditional style to the original. Functional storage was created under the stairs.

Concealed Understairs cupboards.
What's hiding in there? Concealed storage is a must.

The light and bright hallway provided the transition into the glamorous lounge and dining room, painted a Craig and Rose 1829 Pink Beige, paired with green accents. This colour combination became part of our own branding as we loved it so much.

The scope of works in this room included, new floor, cabinetry, repairs to the lathe and plaster ceiling with recessed downlights with no bezel (rim to the edge) new electrical 13A sockets and switch plates.

Pink lounge walls with green furnishing and accessories.
Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest fish of all?

Before interior design lounge photos
Lounge before refurbishment.

We used switch plates that are painted with the wall colour, they are discreet and surprisingly easy to keep clean.

Switch plates painted in the wall colour.
Switch plates by Heritage, discreet and stylish.

The dining colours work especially well together; the brown silk of the shade, the wool weave of the chairs, the Versaille panel oak flooring, plants here and there, and the pink earthy tone of walls create a serene and relaxed yet sophisticated space.

Biophilic dining area
Love this Biophilic colour palette!

Dining are before refurbishment
Dining area before refurbishment.

Dining area before the transformation. We blocked up the door into the dining and lounge and created a new opening around the corner.

Can you spot the TV - it's the fish!

We really enjoyed working with this client and helping them create this sophisticated, understated luxurious apartment with touches of nature creating a balanced and stylish London home. 🌿 💚

All images SVM Interiors Ltd.


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