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Can Sustainable mean Stylish?


I have been passionate about our planet for many years.  I'm diligent about my recycling and hate plastic waste of any kind; we've all seen how that's trashed our environment.

So, it makes total sense for my interior design business to specialise in sustainable and green product and materials when designing a home or any space for that matter.

I also believe that clients deserve alternatives. This is a time where there is much greater consumer awareness around the choices we all make every single day. Everything we consume and purchase has a history of how it was produced, what is made from and the negative impact it can have on our health, our home and our planet.  

We can all make better choices around this, we are in fact more powerful than we believe we are; manufacturers want our money and it's up to us to spend it as we seem fit.

I have made it our mission at SVM Interiors is to help homeowners make informed healthy, ethical and sustainable choices for their home, family, and planet.

You might ask, can I still have a home that is stylish and sustainable, green and glamorous with a luxury look and feel? Yes, of course! it doesn't have to be all "hippie and hemp" (hemp is an excellent alternative to cotton actually, but that's another conversation).

My work has always been about creating a stylish and sophisticated aesthetic based on the clients likes and dislikes, this will not change, but we offer clients alternative products so they can make an informed choice about whether to buy it or not.

The majority of interiors designers will not offer this service because it's not easy to find this information; sometimes hundreds of different criteria needs to be met to classify a product or material as sustainable or green.

We do that incredibly time consuming bit for our clients, saving them their valuable time.  The end result is peace of mind and empowerment knowing the choices made are right for the health of their family, home and planet.

Copyright Disclaimer: Photos used here are not mine, all rights are reserved to the copyright owners. Sourced from Instagram & Pinterest.

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