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How to manage your properties in a competitive market.

Your rental should stand out from the rest!

Keeping your rental properties let throughout the year to get the maximum rental and yield can often be challenging. Markets can often fluctuate but the Landlords that stay in front are the ones that offer the best value.

A good tenant expects good quality and well-designed space. These properties stand out from the rest, so tenants appreciate this and take better care of them. Good quality furniture means fewer replacements and a well-designed scheme may seem expensive in the short term but will save you money, time, and effort in the long term.

This is especially true within the new build market. A large percentage are often acquired for rental, but the spaces are similar or the same. At SVM Interiors we can help you to make your property stand out so you can be assured of good returns and stay in front.

  1. Create a new scheme for your property

  2. Provide good quality and well-designed furniture

  3. Stand out from the rest

If looking to sell, the same rules apply

If you’re looking to sell, this applies to you too. A slow market can often mean that properties can hang around for too long. It’s often difficult for buyers to see the potential of a space if its unfurnished or bland. A bit of upfront investment can be rewarding financially. Most buyers struggle with time and the skills to create an interior designed space. They want the finished article, to move in stress-free, and to enjoy their new home from the get-go. The same rules apply here; make your property stand out from the rest to get the best price and the quickest sale. The money spent upfront will bring in the rewards you seek.

How SVM Interiors can help

With 30 years’ experience in interior design, SVM have the expertise to create that desirable property that stands out in this competitive market. You will find our services and furniture options, here...

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