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3D visualisations for Interior Design.

Step 6 - 3D visuals for residential interior design projects.

It is much more common for our residential interior design clients to want to see a 3D visual of the room or whole home we are designing for them. This trend has picked up in the last couple of years as technology has enabled more efficient delivery of this type of presentation for our design clients

However, they are time-consuming to produce and also costly. But, we feel, as do most of our luxury residential clients, that if they are making a substantial investment in their home it is essential to see a realistic representation of that space to judge the feel and mood of it.

Here at SVM, we provide a 3D visual after the mood board finishes have been agreed upon and elevations have been drawn up, we run these details past our client for approval first before the final image is produced.

There are different styles of 3D visuals showcasing the interior designed scheme, such as this watercolour rendering, below. Created by Sketchup Hub

A classic room with modern furniture styling.
Different types of 3D renders for residential interior design projects

A lot of designers will use remotely located 3D artists employed to produce them, or they will be created in-house for you. There are also varying levels of visual, the one below is a photo-realistic image, not a photograph, from our Belgravia Townhouse project - it's amazing what can be created.

We of course, always strive to create the perfect home that our clients want to live in, we do not design for us, we aren't living there, but, we provide guidance and professional advice at all times, resulting in our, mainly, London based clients with their own exquisite version of their dream homes.

An ecelctic designed residential bathroom using lots of colour.
A compact bathroom design 3D render for a residential interior design scheme

To recap, here are a few ways in which renders can help both parties navigate a new residential interior project:

- Allows clients and designers to get closer to what they genuinely envision.

- Helps designers see potential flaws in their work before the client ever gets their eye on it

- Saves time and money on potential changes of heart a client may have down the line, without first seeing a render.

- Helps indecisive clients who are torn between two different schemes decide which direction they want to go in.

- Helps to ensure everyone is on the same page.

By taking the time to experiment, we can provide the client with a much better solution than we might have with 2D sketches alone.

The result is a more efficient design process for everyone involved and, most importantly, a happier client!

Here are some renders from our Belgravia Townhouse project:

If you are curious about this process and would like to explore more, we'd be delighted to hear from you, just click here.

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