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Step 2 - Sanitaryware - Five Steps to Designing a Sustainable Luxury Bathroom!

Here at SVM Interiors, we are creating homes with an emphasis on the health and wellness of families, individuals, and our planet, by using design principles, products, and materials that help reduce the use of chemicals.

Part 2 of a series of 5 bite-sized articles on how to create a sustainable bathroom.

This week it's bathroom products, loo's baths, showers collectively known as sanitaryware!


The majority of modern sanitary ware comes from Europe, the UK is much better at manufacturing traditional bathrooms, basins, and loos with the exception of some taps and hardware. I've picked a few British and European companies, the Europeans having an evident and firm commitment to sustainability with directives in place. I've incldued UK companies here, because, well, they're British and buying products from the UK ticks one sustainability box and thats the reduction in a CO2 footprint.


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(A deeply Green company)

A British company with a very strong commitment to producing sustainable products sourced and produced ethically. Luxury designs of excellent quality.

In their own words:

"We’re committed to ensuring that the raw materials and packaging we use are recyclable. All our swarf and scrap material waste is re-used to produce fresh materials, with every element of our packaging (from the box itself through to the packing tape) all 100% recyclable. We source external components where possible from suppliers within the UK or Europe and only ever from respected suppliers whose components meet our exacting standards."

Super sustainable showers and taps for bathrooms, by Kanth.
Super sustainable showers and taps, by Kanth.


Over 200 years of quality British design and manufacturing. Beautiful bathroom products and hardware meant to last. Definitely worth a look.

Samuel Heath bronze wall mounted taps
Samuel Heath bronze wall mounted taps


A British Company with a full range of bath, shower, basins, taps and loos. Founded from a passion for restoring salvaged bathroom product, The Water Monopoly was launched in 1990.

If you are looking for a classic and traditional look for your bathroom, this is the place to go.

All product is manufactured here in the UK.

Traditional Art Deco double basins
Water Monopoly traditional 'Soho' double basin


Inspired by 17th Century English art and architecture Hurlingham Bath Company was born creating beautifully handmade and hand-finished baths here in the UK. Specialising in period designs mixed with contemporary additions, the Hurlingham offers fabric upholstered, gilded, stenciled, and painted baths. Truly unique.

reestanding copper roll top bath
Curious about copper baths, this one is by Hurlingham.


All Matki products are designed and manufactured in the UK. they are known for luxury shower screens and shower trays and have expanded their over the years to brassware.

With factories in Hampshire, Cornwall and Bristol they provide excellent products and services with a large range of metal finishes and sizes.

I particularly like the Classic range and this frameless screen with the option of gold or silver mesh sandwiched between the glass.

Matki UK made shower screens for bathrooms.
Gold mesh shower screens!


KUDOS is a British company that design and manufacture shower enclosures, wet room systems and shower trays here in the UK, in the Lake District.

Their products are modern stylish, excellent quality, and built to last.

British made shower enclosures for bathrooms
Shower enclosures by Kudos.



(A deeply Green company)

BETTE is a German company with a very strong sustainability focus. They have been making great baths, shower trays, and basins for 60 years. As a designer I would specify this brand if it fitted my client's requirements, the designs, quality, and sizing options are excellent.

As a company Bette has chosen to focus on the use of natural materials, steel, glass, and enamel, all of their products are 100% recyclable. No chemicals or solvents are used in the manufacturing process. They have strong environmental policies that have been in place for many years.

Bette Lux bath for an interior designed bathroom
Beautiful Bette Lux oval bath


(A deeply Green company)

If you are looking for reasonably priced, well-designed, quality, modern bathroom products then ROCA a Spanish company, will tick this box for you. They have amazing environmental initiatives in place too.

“Commitment with the Planet is part of our philosophy and our day-to-day activities. Under this premise, we created the “Roca Loves the Planet” concept, which comes with all the production processes at our factory, as well as the development of our products and the social activities of the company."

Roca have managed, globally, to cut gas consumption by 14.9% and electricity consumption by 4.6%. This improvement means preventing the emission of 52,750 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. These figures are highly significant, as gas consumption represents approximately 90% of the greenhouse gas emissions arising from production processes.

They have achieved their Zero Waste Programme, whereby the industrial processes produce no material waste, by 75% their goal is 100%.

This is an amazing effort on the part of this Spanish Company.

Sustainable and healthy bathroom design
Rocking Roca Bathrooms!


(A deeply Green company)

This Italian company has a very strong sustainability commitment.

They offer a collection that is an eclectic cross-section collection of good quality well-designed products for the bathroom.

Catalano relies on a team of professionals who manage environmental aspects at all production levels on a daily basis. Among many other initiatives and processes in place, guarantees product life cycles to zero waste. 👈 This is huge!

“Think Green" is the motto of Catalano, who has been pursuing for years to get sustainability and respect for the environment at all stages of its production cycle.

The company has implemented strategies aimed to achieve the following purposes:

✅ reduction of environmental impacts and resource consumption.

✅ reduction of energy consumption.

✅ elimination of toxic substances or pollutants released into the environment.

Catalano Horizon bathroom basin
Horizon wall mounted bathroom basin


(A lightly green but healthy company)

I am a big fan of this Italian company Ex.t They produce, fresh, sophisticated and clever bathroom furniture.💗 Ex.t have a different way of looking at interiors and bathroom design. A company designing and supplying innovative modular bathroom equipment for the modern home.

Manufactured in Tuscany using artisans in locally established workshops. Using 'Livingtec' for basins, baths, and shower trays, a material that is non-toxic, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic.

I particularly like the nouveau range, Art Deco influence with sinuous, abstract forms in more feminine colours, as well as greys and black. We are considering this range for a current bathroom project. Gorgeous!

Nouveau Blush Pink bathroom Basin
Blushing in the bathroom!

Nouveau blush pink shower enclosure
Blush pink shower enclosure!

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