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Ten Interior Design Trends for 2022

Our homes should be collected, not decorated. A collection of what we love. A meaningful space that tells a story of who we are.

With that being a core part of my design philosophy, trends rarely hold much water. They are in no way a be all end all and should never dissuade you from authentically expressing yourself. I like to take them with a pinch of salt.

That being said, trends can be a good pulse on how we are feeling and expressing ourselves as a whole. This is especially evident for 2022. After all, we’ve been through over the past two years; our homes have become the main setting for our lives.

What does that mean for interiors? This year we’re seeing intentional interiors that promote a sense of comfort and put more of an emphasis on personality. Now more than ever we want interiors that improve our mood, health, and well-being.

Below we’ve curated a list of 10 trends that we think do just that.

Trends that will give you some inspiration - while preserving your home's unique voice. Here's to creating spaces that are a treat for all of the senses.

Intermix: Materials and Design Styles

Mixing materials and styles is certainly on the rise over recent years, but has since become a fixture. We have become more expressive, straying away from a ‘one style fits all spaces’ design style. We find joy and inspiration in different styles and genres, so it makes sense our homes would reflect that too. A way to embrace and demonstrate our own unique aesthetics.

This has been a defining part of my personal style. Think classical proportions, assorted finishes, and a mix of antique and modern furnishings that are skilfully combined. I love the contrast of 19th-century crown moldings against the crisp, sleek lines of modernity, it is charming. Classic details that flawlessly balance the modern elements - yum!

Bold Colours and Patterns

Another outlet for our pent-up energy and creativity has seeped out into the colours and patterns we are choosing for our spaces. We’re steering away from palettes that might create a sterile or cold atmosphere in our homes. The colours we use in a space are proven to have an effect on our mood.

This shift towards more vibrant and warm colour palettes means we want an injection of energy and comfort. Both I find fitting - we want to feel tranquil, joyful, and inspired at home.

One of my favourite ways to inject some colour, texture, and pattern is with a gorgeous wallpaper. They’re here to stay!

Return to Nature

Our experiences over the past year have taught us that there is no better time to look at unlocking and maximising the many benefits of our relationship with nature; especially when it comes to the design and interiors of our homes.

We’re seeing a resurgence in natural surfaces and materials across the board. As well as earthy tones and house plants - which can seem simple enough, but there are significant benefits to our health and wellbeing to be had when we incorporate these natural elements into our homes.

It is scientifically proven through biophilic design. The use of natural materials, tones,

light, plants, clean air, and non-toxic materials all work to create more tranquil and grounded environments. Many of us are already employing biophilic principles, without even realising it.

Biophilic design is core to my design service and philosophy - I am so happy it’s catching on!

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Shades of Brown

Browns are in! This trend comes as an amalgamation of our main themes for 2022: comfort & channeling nature.

We even saw the resurgence of browns in fashion - natural and earthy hues. For interiors, browns work to bring a sense of the outside in and create a calming and cosy effect.

Browns might just be the new black - providing an enveloping comfort without feeling overwhelming. From wooden furniture to cognac or terracotta walls, these browns make us feel closer to nature.

Handmade & From the Earth

More evidence of our overarching want to strengthen our connection to nature is seen in the art, objects, and surfaces we are surrounding ourselves with.

Organic materials are imperfect; they add depth, texture, character and intrigue to a space. Handmade objects do this too. A perfect way to breathe life into any space.

We’re starting to see art as objects we live and interact with, instead of static pieces that fade into the background.

A Quiet Place

The circumstances of the past year caused a shift in many aspects of our lifestyles - and we have had to adapt. One of the most prominent is working from home.

We know our surroundings have a profound effect on our state of mind, which makes finding our own space especially important for our mental health. Managing to find a sliver of peace and quiet in a busy home can be a large victory for most!

Whilst some of us were lucky enough to have a dedicated home office or secluded room to retreat to - some of us were not. This has inspired many to create a dedicated space to recharge or work in their own homes.

A quiet room can keep us grounded and working at our optimal performance. Whether you want to read, draw, sew, or simply meditate and reflect - it’s a healthy, powerful practice that allows you time to be more present for your family and continue to achieve your full potential in this challenging time.

Tactile Walls

Design should excite the senses. Texture is one of my most treasured ingredients of design. A crucial aspect of the sensory experience of a space.

Texture, much like wallpaper has found its way back onto our walls and into our hearts. A textured wall can elevate a design to another level - adding depth, character, and tactile intrigue.

There are also biophilic benefits! Using natural fibres or materials on your wall have a calming effect on the space of those inside it. You can simulate any natural element, including stone, wood, and marble.

Sustainable Vintage

We all love a well-curated home, for us, vintage pieces are the essence of achieving that perfect mix. They add texture, contrast, and character to any style space and help express our personality within our homes.

There's a reason why you can still buy furniture from decades or even centuries ago. These high-quality pieces typically come from natural resources, such as wood, stone, or metals. As such, they last longer than the often-manmade options on the market today.

The resurgence of vintage and second-hand pieces not only aids in timeless style but is also sustainable. Adhering to my core design values of “stylish, sustainable, smart”.

Buying vintage or upcycled helps to reduce landfills, carbon emissions, and excessive natural resource consumption. For example, the carbon footprint for a mass-produced chest of drawers is 16 times more than an antique counterpart. This also helps to decrease the demand for fast furniture.

Funnily enough, vintage can also be trend-proof. Dedicating time and money into keeping our spaces on trend, only for the next style cycle to come and go and we're left with dated pieces. Investing in vintage pieces can save you from this "Trend whiplash”.

Good design never goes out of style!

Green is the New Neutral

Even though brown is ‘in’, for me, green has been and continues to stay ‘in'. Green has been my colour of the year for years and years now - no matter what Pantone says.

Whether it's included as an accent or you're going full-out monochrome, you can rarely go wrong with it. It embodies a sense of life, nature, renewal, and growth - bringing a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation to any space.

Sculptural and Curved Furniture

Organic shapes - the sculptural, curved edges are another symptom of our return to nature. They are also subconsciously perceived as more welcoming and safe.

Think deep seats with curved edges! A perfect combination of nature and comfort.

For me, design comes down to examining what we love and what we want to live with every day and for years to come.

The next trend or style may help to communicate their own story for some, but not for others. If you end up paying them too much attention, your home can lose its unique voice.

As a designer, my job is to find that magic synergy. Asking the right questions to understand what our clients really love, makes them smile, and gives them joy. Diving deep into who they are and how they use a space is the key to creating a home that they will truly love.

Loving a space makes it timeless to those who live in it, and that’s what really matters. Let me help you tell your own story through design...

Copyright Disclaimer: Photos used here are not mine, all rights are reserved to the copyright owners. Sourced from Instagram & Pinterest.

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