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Winkworth Client Discounts: How Interior Designers Can Save You Money

How do trade discounts work?

The dawn of technology changed our lives forever. This change seeped into every industry, including interior design. Before the internet, clients couldn't do their own product research. Many Interior designers would charge the full retail price.

Now, clients are more aware of the cost of some of the products designers are specifying. We value transparency as a core principle of our design ethos and have always provided a discount, even before the internet forced a change.

Our Trade Discounts For You

At Susan Van Meter Interiors we have relationships with unique, design-led, and high-quality brands where we can offer our clients the benefit of our trade discounts on the purchase of products for their residential home design and commercial projects.

Our designer discounts range from 20 to 45%+, depending on the supplier.

The benefits of buying from Susan Van Meter Interiors are:

🌿 Our full trade discount with our management fee of 25% on top and still saves you money.

🌿 A hassle and stress-free process. We take all of that away from you plus you benefit from our discount too.

🌿 The process is transparent and all paperwork is available should you require it. For property owners that are landlords, this service is essential to maintaining their bottom line and ROI.

Contact Susan for a quote today ✨

For clients interested in a more eco-conscious approach we offer stylish, sustainable, and smart designs that don’t cost the earth. We can show you that sustainability doesn’t mean compromising style.

The Five Benefits of Hiring An Interior Designer ✨

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